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Gazco Studio Edge

The Studio Edge gas fire provides minimalist, modern perfection with an eye-catching no-frame* design and central ribbon of flame above a bed of cool, white stones or slightly more traditional logs.

Open fronted versions of the Studio Edge feature the white stone fuel bed only but have the option of a highly polished, black granite interior lining which gives even more style and extra reflection to the flames. Alternatively, you can select a high efficiency, glass fronted fire version which is available with a choice of white stone or log-effect fuel bed. Every Studio fire comes complete with Gazco’s very latest Sequential remote control. *No-frame refers to added exterior frames. The Studio Edge Open has a small inner frame that is visible. Glass Fronted Studios have an additional 27mm inner frame that secures the glass window in place.

Studio 1 - Open  25%  1.72kW
Studio 1 - Glass Fronted  70%  4.85kW
Studio 1 - Glass Fronted Balanced Flue  81%  5.20kW
Studio 2 - Open  25%  2.30kW
Studio 2 - Glass Fronted  78%  6.85kW
Studio 2 - Glass Fronted Balanced Flue  81%  6.97kW
Studio 3 - Open  25%  3.40kW
Studio 3 - Glass Fronted Balanced Flue  81%  7.30kW

Gazco Studio Edge
Gazco Studio Edge Gazco Studio Edge Gazco Studio Edge Gazco Studio Edge

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