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Esse EC4i Electric

EC4i Range Cooker

Each electric oven in the EC4i can be used independently so energy is not wasted heating ovens that are not in use. The fan oven has achieved the coveted 'A' rating for energy efficiency, and together with the other 'B' rated ovens and induction hob, the EC4i is clearly the most efficient cast iron range cooker available. This well-equipped range cooker combines classic country style with technically-advanced, fuel-efficient features.

Induction cooking
The EC4i features a five zone induction hob for more efficient cooking:

  • 1 x 2400W induction zone with 3700W Boost
  • 2 x 1850W induction zones with 2500W Boost
  • 1 x 2300W induction zone with 3200W Boost
  • 1 x 1400W induction zone with 1800W Boost

Because induction systems only heat the pan and not the cooking surface, it is much safer and makes the hob easier to clean. There are no flames or hot electric elements, so no more burnt-on food.

Induction hobs are extremely responsive and offer precise control - pans will heat quickly for fast boiling but induction zones also allow low simmering temperatures to be easily maintained. With no wasted heat, induction is the most energy-efficient way of cooking; making it better for the environment and better for your pocket.

EC4i - the ideal range cooker for the modern home.
Like all ESSE cookers, the EC4i is available in 20 different colours and is built with pride in Britain.

It offers simple connection to a standard electric cooker point, and because there is no flue to consider - it can be located anywhere within your kitchen.

The cooking capacity of the EC4i is extremely impressive, with four ovens providing a generous 124 litres of combined oven space.

Heating quickly from cold, the individual electric ovens can be turned on and off independently and the stylish induction hob offers the ultimate in energy-efficiency. The EC4i combines timeless ESSE style with a range of energy-efficient, modern benefits.
Esse EC4i Electric

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