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Esse 990 CH Wood Series

The ESSE 990 CH is a multi-fuel cast iron enamelled cooker that can create mouth-watering meals, provide complete household warmth and ensure piping hot water.

Giving you complete freedom and flexibility, the 990 CH does not require a conversion system to switch between wood or solid fuel.

However, for higher temperatures and less frequent refuelling, ESSE advises that this cooker works best on smokeless fuels such as anthracite. It will run on full output, (radiators, ovens, hotplates and hot water) for around six hours with just one load, or - more practically - around 24 hours on a medium output.

Easily capable of running eight radiators, the ESSE 990 CH allows you to prioritise either the central heating and hot water, or the ovens and hotplate - thanks to a simple-to-use damper.

This lets you direct heat between the cooker and boiler as required, making sure you get the most from every load of your chosen fuel.

Responding automatically to the temperature of the water, the thermostatic control of the 990 CH ensures consistent radiator temperatures.

This cooker is packed with potential to run in a way that is unique to you and your home. It offers superb control and adaptability.

As well as a large dogbone hotplate which is capable of taking six pans, the ESSE 990 CH has two capacious ovens with an impressive combined cooking volume of 80 litres.

Drawing on classic styling from the 1930s, this model blends vintage aesthetics with modern technology.

ESSE proudly pours 159 years of engineering experience into every aspect of its products... and the details make the difference: the 990 CH incorporates easy-shut handles that will even tighten themselves over time, doors that will not swing back to hit other appliances, controls to adjust the draw of the flue and hinges that should never need adjusting or tightening.

Esse 990 CH Wood Series

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